Game of Memes

The final project in my undergrad Computer Science 2 class was to make some kind of game using Java and LWJGL. I partnered up with another student and we wanted to make a large game. A lot of design went into Game of Memes, from game mechanics to new cards, but unfortunately, we did not have the time to implement everything. The buttons, cards, cardbacks, and the board were created by us in Photoshop. We worked on this project for about two months including design. Writing the game took thousands of lines of code but was simple overall; if we rewrote the game today, I am confident that our code would be more efficient. We only ran into one major issue and that was a memory leak which caused the game to crash after five minutes. After hours of commenting out blocks of code and running the game, we finally figured out the memory leak was coming from the font used for health/mana. Changing the font fixed the issue. In our class we had a small competition and our game placed second. I am proud of how well this game turned out because this was the largest project we had worked on at the time and it was our first time creating a game.