Michael B Taylor

Programmer. Graduate Student. Hobbyist.

About me

I graduated from Radford University in 2018, earned a Bachelor of Science in Information Science and Systems, had a concentration in Web Development, and achieved the NSA recognized Cybersecurity Certificate. My passion for programming of all forms is huge, whether it be applications programming, web development, or database. I want to learn about everything the Information Technology field has to offer, new technology or old.

I am currently employed at Bassett Furniture Industries as a Programmer/Analyst where I have a variety of duties including database work, programming, and light project management.

I am pursuing a Master of Science in Information Security at James Madison University and am expected to graduate in Spring 2022. While I will always have a passion for programming, the security field has always been an interest ever since I was little and engaged in modifying video games.




Change My Lights!

Change the lights in my house.

Game of Memes

A trading card game about memes.

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