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 This is the work I have completed while participating in internships. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the work, I cannot link the actual websites or source code. I have provided videos of the projects in action.

IT Systems Monitor

 While working at Bassett Furniture, I was tasked to create an internal website which would show the status of our stores' networks. Our network administrator created a script in Visual Basic which would ping each store and set their status in a SQL database. Stores with network anomalies would be pushed to the top. Stores are also color coded depending on the issue: Red means the network is completely down, Blue means the LAN is down and WAN is up, Yellow means the store network is pinging high. When a store turns red, a sound plays and it starts scrolling across the top of the page. You could also see a history of downtime if you click on any store. I also included a map of the physical locations of our stores. This can be helpful if a storm is going though a region of the United States and multiple stores go down; if the down stores are grouped together you can assume it is a related issue.

 There was also some debate around the office as to the colors and ordering of stores. I included a settings panel where they could customize various elements of the webpage including background color and ordering alphabetical or last down. One person wanted the website to be more festive, so I included an option to enable holiday/seasonal gifs on the sides of the page.

Bassett IT Net

 This is another website I created while at Bassett Furniture. The goal of this website was to replace an existing extranet website which hosted links and downloadable forms. The old website had two sections for links, an in-network section and out of network section. In my revision I replaced the links on the home page with buttons which dynamically show or hide depending on your IP address; if you are in Bassett's IP range then you will get the in-network buttons. My goal was to hide unneccesary buttons for the end user.

 The second part of the website was updating the forms which used to have to be downloaded, filled out, and then faxed to the IT department. I revised the Printer Toner Request form to be 100% digital. The dropdown lists are auto filled from our data warehouse database; a user would just have to click their store on the dropdown list and all other info would be automatically filled out. I did something similar with the Printer manufacturers/models except I had to create my own SQL database. Once a manufacturer is selected, only models of that manufacturer are in the next dropdown list. Once a model is selected, some toner options are automatically enabled/disabled depending on if that model is a color or black/white printer. To tackle the issue of multiple orders coming from the same store from different people, I used Active Directory authentication to only allow the manager to place an order. Once the order is placed, it goes into a SQL database I created as pending and an email is sent to the IT person in charge of ordering more toner. That IT person can then confirm or deny the order directly from the email or from the admin panel which shows all toner orders.

 Next, the VP of the IT department wanted a blog where he could post in-depth newsletters to people in the company. He wanted to call it The Tank, in reference to security. The blog has a fully featured like and reply system with cascading replies. Once again, everything is stored in a SQL database which preserves text formatting; this is important for people who want to embed images in their posts/replies.

 Finally, the most important part of the website was for it to be easy to upkeep. Nearly everything on the website is customizable. I built in a permissions system so you could assign certain website privileges to different people. For example, someone could be responsible for keeping the FAQs page up to date and someone else can be in charge of Printer Toner. In the video you can see all of the different items that can be customized under the admin panel.