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    My name is Michael Taylor and this website serves the purpose of being an ePortfolio as well as being a project. Technology is something that has fascinated me from a very young age. I am appreciative that my parents always did what they could to help me pursue my passion. I have attended both Patrick Henry Community College as well as Radford University. At Radford University I was enrolled in the Computer Information Systems & Sciences Major, had a concentration in Web Development, and earned the Radford Security Certificate which is recognized by the NSA. The Computer Information Systems & Sciences program at Radford University builds on a strong Computer Science base. All my classes during the last two years were Computer Science-related. While I have a concentration in Web Development, I enjoy creating non-web applications more, but I realize that the Web is a powerful tool which is being used for far more than what was originally planned and has a bright future.

    Radford University's classes have prepared me for the real world. For example, in the Software Engineering class, our whole semester was spent working on one project. We were put into teams, we had to find a client, discuss the project with the client regularly, and use the Extreme Waterfall Method to deliver our project on time. In around 4 months, my team of 5 people were able to build a website for the Radford University Technology Assistance Center which kept track of hardware inventory, had a queue system for tickets, had employee check-in and check-out of resources, and ran on the already established Radford University Web Server. One of our group members even made an installer for our project which allowed for easy deployment to any Web Server if the website needed to be moved. Software Engineering taught me how to work in a fast-paced team environment. We used GitHub for source control during the development of this website.

    I have also had the opportunity to work in a corporate environment through both an internship and employment with Bassett Furniture. I was originally setup with Bassett Furniture through New College Institute of Martinsville Virginia's very selective internship program; many applicants are not accepted. My first Summer at Bassett Furniture, I was brought on to work the helpdesk which services over 90 locations across the United States. Here my communication and customer service skills were refined. Bassett Furniture has also taught me a lot about what it means to be on a team and how to develop professional relationships with coworkers. During this Summer I was also tasked with creating a touch-screen kiosk for the smaller stores which do not have as much floor space for product. I used a variety of software and custom scripts to create an environment which could only access Bassett Furniture's website for inventory and furniture customization.

    The following Winter, Bassett Furniture invited me back to work with them over Winter Break. They saw that I had an interest in development and wanted to provide me with an opportunity to use those skills in a corporate environment. The first project I worked on was a network monitoring website which would alert us if a store's network is slow or down. I worked on this with two other developers and it was finished quickly. I was invited back again the next Summer and was tasked (with another intern) to take this network alerting website and make it prettier as well as adding some new functionality such as audible alerts. This is the version of the website which is shown on my internship projects page. We also took the old intranet website and made it look more modern.

    Overall, there's nothing I love more than being put on a project that I am passionate about. When this happens, I can't wait to get back to coding. I think of interesting new things that could be implemented into the project. I like showing what I have done off to other people to get their feedback. Programming feels magical to me; I can type a few things on a keyboard to make anything I want to happen. I couldn't see myself doing anything else for the rest of my life.